School and parenting in the countries of origin of migrant and refugee children

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This e-learning module is designed to teach teachers in primary education a differentiated knowledge of the situation of migrant and refugee children and their parents and to provide information on school and education in the countries of origin (using the example of Afghanistan and Syria). Different expectations and assumptions regarding the school system and the reality of life of migrant families often lead to challenges and misunderstandings in the context of school. This module places a special focus on the acquisition of competences for a broader understanding of the circumstances of the children’s origins, the flight and the living situation in the host country and provides information on traditional and cultural differences and similarities.



  • A differentiated knowledge of the situation of migrant and refugee children and their parents
  • A comprehensive understanding of different concepts of parenting and family life in different cultures
  • Background knowledge on different school systems in countries of origin and in Germany
  • Knowledge of the arrival situation in Germany (inter alia asylum seeker procedure, trauma, language barriers, living situation)

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  • Unit 1: Parenting and family life in different cultures 0/1

    In different cultures and areas of origin, both the family life and the education and raising of the children are shaped according to various aspects. On the one hand, a more comprehensive understanding and detailed information on contexts can promote a productive learning atmosphere and a positive coexistence in the school community, and on the other hand provide solution-oriented approaches to challenges in everyday school life. Gender roles as well as religious aspects and differences play a vital role in this context.

  • Unit 2: The school system in the countries of origin and in Germany 0/1

    School systems in different countries differ structurally as well as in terms of learning methods and practices. This results in both different expectations of the system and the teachers towards the children and their parents as well as vice versa. In addition, different needs and expectations for the design of everyday school life arise from different life backgrounds and opinions.

  • Unit 3: Arriving in Germany 0/1

    The causes of flight and the usually long, difficult journey to Europe, followed by an exceptional burdensome situation in Germany, the often difficult living conditions as well as language barriers, possible traumas and fear of the future mean an exceptional situation for refugee families. Not only are the parents under particular pressure and thus probably have limited capacity to support the children in their school tasks, also the children often have to take more responsibility early on and support the family.


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