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    Starting hour of courses in primary schools is now set at 8:10, while reception of students starts ten minutes earlier. However, some months ago a debate started between teachers and parents. On the one hand, teachers argue that the starting hour of the courses is too early in the morning and students could be benefited from some extra time before going to school every morning. They suggest that 9:00 would be a more suitable option for the start of the school day. On the other hand, parents claim that their everyday routines have been structured around their kids’ school programme, as they take them to school every morning before going to work, and usually pick them up in the evening on their way back home. Changing the starting hour of courses would affect their schedule, even if the courses were to start just one hour later.
    What is your opinion on that? Do you think that students will actually benefit from such a change or that parents’ concerns are more reasonable?

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