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    The General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection has published an official statement about the products that school canteens are allowed to sell to students, as well as their respective prices. These include, among others:

    • Fresh fruits and vegetables, washed, unsalted, and packaged in individual portions,
    • Dried fruits with no added sugar,
    • Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, as well as packaged juices with no added sugar,
    • Fresh fruit salads,
    • Full and semi-skimmed milk and yogurt, as well as low-fat chocolate milk,
    • Cheese and turkey sandwiches,
    • Sweet products in individual portions of specified size: dark and milk chocolate, rice and cream puddings, as well as some traditional Greek products, such as halvas and pasteli.
    • Bottled water.

    Do you know what products your kids consume at school? Do you prefer to provide them with food from home or let them decide on their own at school?

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