Mapping Interculturality


Module Description This module is based on the understanding of interculturality. What does intercultural, multicultural and pluricultural mean? What are the examples around us?...

Non-formal methodologies and approaches: how to foster multicultural dialogue in primary education


Module Description Cultural competences and sensitivity are essential for teachers, educators, professionals working in intercultural environments and with migrant children with different backgrounds, experiences,...

School and parenting in the countries of origin of migrant and refugee children


MODULE DESCRIPTION This e-learning module is designed to teach teachers in primary education a differentiated knowledge of the situation of migrant and refugee children...

The use of Web 2.0 technology for enhancing learning in a multicultural classroom


COURSE DESCRIPTION Τhe following Module “The use of Web 2.0 technology to enhance learning in a  multicultural classroom ” aims to enrich teacher’s ICT...

Teaching non – native language students: methods and tools


MODULE DESCRIPTION This Module is designed to provide teachers with useful methods and tools in teaching non – native language students. It is structured...

E-COURSE Teachers’ Handbook

This e-book is the offline version of the e-learning modules for teachers available on the School Support Platform.